H2 + Bold

H3 + Bold

Normal. The Bikram method classic series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises recommended in order to establish and maintain a strong, sustainable and healthy life.

Normal + Bold

The original Bikram method classic series set to vibrational sound. (Please note: this is NOT a “music” class). Minimal dialog offering operative command encourages healing through two modalities: therapeutic yoga and vibrational sound. All levels welcome, yet our school recommends beginners practice the 90-minute class prior to attending the sound class.

Core 40 (75 minutes)

An intermediate-level series of hatha yoga postures featuring 40 postures derived from the 84 traditional asanas of Bishnu Ghosh’s sequence. Core 40 is designed to build core, spine and upper body strength and is practiced at room temperature; students learn to create internal heat. More advanced than the 26&2, Core 40 is ideal for those who maintain a consistent practice and are looking for a new challenge and change.

Warm Yin Yoga (75 minutes)

A slow-paced style of yoga consisting of long-held, passive floor poses that work the hips, pelvis, thighs and lower spine. An effective complement to Bikram method and other forms of yang yoga, yin yoga strengthens and lengthens the fascia/deeper connective tissues, which respond best to slow and steady holds.

Little Keys Yoga (60 minutes)

Little Keys Yoga (LKY) is a series of yoga classes designed for parents and youth ages 5-11.  Through the practice of physical postures and mindful moments, LKY provides the tools for enhancing the “Big Keys” (or Three C’s): Consciousness, concentration and compassion, all of which cultivate and deepen one’s relationship to the Self as well as all beings in our “One Human Family.”