Yoga vs. Exercise


Are you practicing yoga or are you exercising?

Most people in the world of modern yoga are not actually practicing yoga while they are engaged in the activities of posture, movement and breathing. Instead, they are doing exercise or having a workout - which is often painful, or at least uncomfortable, and after which they are often tired, and hungry. This is not wrong, as such... but [this mindset and practice also results in]...increased stress levels, pain and the chances of injury.

In my youth, this was the practice that I often did...But when you are over thirty, it is not so important to do exercise...but more important to do yoga that keeps your muscles and bones healthy, decreases stress levels while increasing your energy levels, and enhancing the health of your organs.


Things that people mostly associate with yoga are also the things that actually stop yoga. On the physical level, yoga is an awareness of the mind and body’s connection as one integrated functional unit. The best way to achieve this physical to enhance the flow of energy and information through the body.


There are five main factors that block the flow of energy and information in the body:

  1. Too much tension

  2. Too much stretching

  3. Too much breathing

  4. Too much thinking

  5. Too much eating

The contemporary Chinese Master Zhen Hua Yang says there are three things you have to do to get yoga in your body:

  1. Unblock the blockages (above)

  2. Allow energy to move

  3. Realize and enjoy the natural state of paradise inside us - that is our natural state.

The Applied Anatomy and Physiology of the Core 26&2 Sequence.  Simon Borg-Olivier. MScBAppSC (Physiotherapy) APAM. 2016.

lauren Dean