Preparing For Your First Class

What to bring:

Mat, large towel to cover your mat, and water

Before class:

*PLEASE STORE AND TURN OFF CELL PHONES. (Your phone does not need the yoga practice. YOU do.)

*Give yourself time to arrive BEFORE the start of class

*First time students, please arrive 15 minutes early

*We are a small school; doors are locked at start of class. Thank you for understanding.  

*Try not to eat at least two hours before class. A small snack, however, is fine

*Come hydrated. Drink water with electrolytes

*Jewelry gets in the way. You don’t need it

*Perfumes make people sneeze. Please be respectful of your fellow students

During class

Balance these three factors:

  1. Breathe slowly, steadily, and normally through the nostrils.

  2. Prioritize BODY alignment and breath before going deeply into a posture

  3. Deepen the posture IF 1 and 2 are maintained.

*If 1 and 2 are not maintained, reset and reestablish breath and alignment.

After class

*Thank Odin you’re still around :)

*Continue to hydrate; drink lots of water with electrolytes.

*Rinse, repeat. Come back tomorrow.

lauren Dean