• intelligent biped

  • former director of Yoga Key

  • unofficial mayor of Key West

  • Key West resident for many, many* moons

  • expert at Duettos

*hundreds of moons.

Danny Sine was an intelligent biped who received his 500-hour certification at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, 2008 in Acapulco, Mexico. Committed to dispensing the yoga as therapy and developing as a teacher, Danny served on the faculty at Raja Yoga Academy, sharing experience, practical knowledge and expertise gleaned from years of training, seminars, workshops, and professional development. With a mission to both inspire and educate, Danny sought to create a culture of learning at the school, thoughtfully hosting a wide range of visiting teachers and yoga champions who espouse a like-minded vision of teaching to heal.  

Danny started practicing this discipline of yoga in 1991 and chose to attend teacher training as more of a personal goal; however, mid-training, he was inspired by the call to teach. Though Danny has practiced several styles of yoga over the years, he found himself continually returning to the Bikram-method, as it helped him persevere through many physical and mental struggles.   

Danny believed the hot room is where you can work through anything. "It's a place where a person can go and tune out the world. For that 90 minutes, it's just you and the yoga. And the best thing about the Bikram beginner series is it's yoga for anyone off the street. If I can do it, anyone can!"