Please arrive with enough time to prepare for class.

Doors open 30 minutes before the class begins. As a standard yoga studio practice worldwide, studio doors are closed and locked 5 minutes before the class begins, and will not be reopened until the class is over.

Drink lots of water in the hours leading up to class and try not to eat less than 2-3 hours before class. Your practice will be more effective if your stomach is empty and you can avoid water during practice. : )

The classic Hot Yoga series of 26 Hatha postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in a heated room. This sequence originates from descendants of a centuries-long yoga heritage and was imported to the west as a universal prescription for wellness in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury.

The Core 26+2 system persists as a constant of proven effectiveness in the yoga world. Traditional Hot Yoga is a beginner’s yoga, scales to any fitness level - and yet there is no limit to how far you can advance in this practice.

The original Core 26+2 series set to vibrational sound. Please note: this is not a “music” class. Minimal dialog offering operative command encourages healing through two modalities: therapeutic yoga and vibrational sound. All levels welcome, yet it is highly recommended beginners have experience with the Core 26+2 class prior to attending Core 26+2+Sound.

An hour of slow-paced yoga consisting of long-held, passive floor poses that work the hips, pelvis, thighs and lower spine. Designed to be a direct complement to the Core 26+2, Warm Yin strengthens and lengthens the fascia and deeper connective tissues, which respond best to slow and steady holds. Occasional practice of WARM YIN is an effective way to make progress in your other yoga practices, and it is very effective for rejuvenation and recovery efforts.

A dynamic, powerful flow of postures derived from the Bishnu Ghosh sequence and lineage. Practitioners build core, spine and upper body strength. Slightly more advanced than the essential Core 26+2 sequence, Ghosh Flow is ideal for those who maintain a consistent practice and are seeking dimension in their practice.


Core 26+2+Sound classes are conducted while a therapeutic array of Isochronic tones and Solfeggio waves are delivered through a special sound system. These tones and sounds are designed to induce beneficial brainwave states by way of “brain entrainment”, which has been found to be effective at canceling out distraction and lack of focus in the mind.

In the context of yoga, we use this brainwave cancellation to quiet the mind so we can connect more deeply with our movement and breath, while maintaining a solid connection with the teacher’s voice.

The tones are sometimes layered with unintrusive ASMR ambient soundscapes for added effect.

Live calendar with upcoming workshops, as well as an online payment and class management system will be updated by mid-March 2019. We’ll send updates to our mailing lists and on social media when it’s live. : )